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My Minotaur
My Minotaur
paper, steel, wood
25" x 25" x 3"

My Minotaur

In Greek mythology, the Minotaur was a fierce bull-headed creature imprisoned within a vast labyrinth. I created My Minotaur as a representation of a more personal monster: recurring migraines.

As any migraine sufferer knows, these are headaches with the power to stop you in your tracks, demanding that all other activities go on hold until the attack is over. I experience a shrinking of the world, as my attention turns inward and becomes more and more consumed with one very small, very angry spot just behind my right temple. Recovery seems like a long journey, as if tracing the path all the way down into the labyrinth and climbing all the way back out again.

In this construction of cut paper, each ring includes a notch for stepping down to the next ring; the very patient observer can thus trace a pathway from the outermost surface down to the bottom and its small, angry, central spike.