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Time and Tide
Time and Tide
wood, fiberglass
3 elements, each 10' x 6' x 2'

Time and Tide
wood and fiberglass - 3 elements, each 10' x 6' x 2'
Chesterwood Historic Site, Stockbridge, MA

A new installation with the Boston Sculptors Gallery at Chesterwood, the historic home of sculptor Daniel Chester French. Three boats of bent oak slats and amber resin are held aloft by rough-hewn beams, perhaps evoking oars, construction props, or even legs.

The title is drawn from the old adage that “time and tide wait for no man,” a phrase referring to forces beyond our control. Yet it can also be taken as a hopeful reminder: the tide always turns, and time brings inevitable changes, for better or worse. These little vessels on their tenuous supports are straining upward and forward, ready for the tide to turn in their favor.