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Whose Woods These Are
Whose Woods These Are
glass mirror, steel
12 elements, each approx. 72" x 2"

Whose Woods These Are
glass mirror and steel - 12 elements, each approx. 72" x 2"

Highfield Hall & Gardens, Falmouth, MA

Highfield Hall is the historic home of the Beebe family, who established the mansion and its adjoining woods as their summer retreat in 1878. Whose Woods These Are places a series of slender mirrors among the trees, for visitors to discover as they pass by on the path.

Since its beginning and throughout its changes in ownership, Beebe Woods has always been a place set aside for the simple pleasure of walking. When modern walkers explore these woods, they’re retracing paths taken by countless others before them. So why do we find it valuable to spend time in nature? For me there is a sense of expansiveness and reflection that is only possible in these quiet spaces. There’s a shift in perspective, a gentle interruption of our normal racing thoughts, that makes us feel both at home and yet subtly changed. The title is a reminder that although this place was once a private luxury, it is now a public resource — to be both enjoyed and protected.