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Dream Eyries
Dream Eyries
red cedar
2 elements, each approx. 42" x 42" x 168"

Dream Eyries
red cedar - 2 elements, each approx. 168" x 42" x 42"

I-Park, East Haddam, CT

Two slender ladders rise out of the water. Each one supports a simple square platform overhead, yet the upper surface of the platforms are out of view. The ladders invite our eyes upward, but the water keeps us at a distance; the platforms offer a place of rest, but their surfaces are hidden.

Suspended halfway between water and air, these platforms might be a place from which dreams can launch towards the heavens; or, they may be drawing dreams downward by offering a place to land. From our viewpoint on the shore, these fragile structures may be out of reach, but they also offer a sense of hope and wishfulness. They offer a promise but the result is hidden; it takes an act of imagination or faith to ascend these ladders.

The word eyrie denotes either the nest of a bird of prey, or a fortress built on a hill. Both meanings imply a place of sanctuary in an embattled world.