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Day and Night
Day and Night
pine, charcoal, 23k gold
22" diameter each

Day and Night
pine, charcoal, gold leaf - 22" diameter each

The exteriors of these wooden spheres have been left true to their construction, with glue seams and lumberyard markings still clearly visible; they assert themselves as strictly functional. However the portholes allow a view into spaces that dematerialize into experiments in depth (mis)perception. Day is smoothly finished and adorned in gold leaf, producing a dazzling, luminous glow. Night has been burned to a deep, velvety black which sinks into rich darkness.

The radical shift between the outer and inner materials creates a sense of surprise and fascination which resists an easy characterization of the object. Furthermore the dichotomy of inside/outside is here expanded by a second pairing of "this one" vs. "that one", between Day and Night, objects that are twins in outer character but opposites in their revealed interiors. The center is precious, the center is scarred; we must confront the possibility of these states being complementary and equivalent.